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GET COSY!! Our Favourite Ways to Embrace Winter

GET COSY!! Our Favourite Ways to Embrace Winter

Posted by Emily Ings on
If you are anything like us, you live for sunny beach days where each afternoon feels delightfully long as the sunlight stretches into the early evenings. As Winter rolls around we start feeling less than excited about the prospect of cold days and even colder nights. But acknowledging and embracing the seasons can make for a beautiful experience. Below we are sharing our favourite ways to welcome the colder months by creating a cosy and content atmosphere at home, whilst also taking care of your well-being – or as the Danish call it, getting hygge!!


Wrap Up

It is time to bust out those throw blankets and get comfy!! You are likely to spend more time curled up on the couch or in your favourite armchair this time of year, so make sure you have a blanket or two handy so you can get extra cosy. Investing in some cute but comfortable loungewear also goes a long way in making you feel fabulous rather than frumpy when spending time at home.  


Let There Be Light

It gets dark much earlier in Winter, but that’s not a terrible thing – the darkness sends a message to our brain and body preparing us for sleep. Embrace having the additional hours to wind down by keeping the lighting minimal. Lamps and candles are a fabulous way to provide a convenient amount of light while also enhancing the cosy ambience of your home. Dinner by candlelight anyone?


Scent is Everything

Of course, this is our VERY favourite way to make a home feel cosy and inviting!! During Autumn and Winer, our homes tend to be closed up a whole lot more and the air inside can become stale and stagnant. Where you can, open a window even just for a short time and let the fresh air in - this completely changes the energy of a space. Scented (non-toxic) candles, incense and diffuser oils are a fabulous way to create a welcoming, cosy atmosphere. Our favourite essential oils for Winter include Frankincense, Cinnamon, Peppermint, Sandalwood & Vanilla.


Comfort Foods

It isn’t too hard to find comfort foods that are super healthy AND soothe the soul. Soups or slow-cooker recipes full of seasonal veggies are an easy go-to, and coupled with some warm, fresh sourdough on the side it can make for a super-satisfying meal. Think dense, nourishing foods that smell and taste delicious. Homemade sweets, hot drinks and organic red wine all top our ‘Comfort Food’ list too!


Less Instagram, More Books

More time inside often leads to more time on tech – whether that be work emails or scrolling the ‘Gram. Get off digital devices and get stuck into a fantastic book you have been meaning to read. There are so many screen-free activities that you can enjoy including board games, puzzles or even a creative project. Be present and share your time with friends and family. There really is nothing better than a good chat with a great friend over a beautiful home-cooked meal, and the cooler months make this notion oh-so inviting!!


Tending to the details of your home and creating a space that is cosy and comfortable and where you feel content is the secret to not just enduring, but loving the Winter months. So bust out those candles, pour yourself a tea and enjoy the rest and rejuvenation that extra time relaxing at home provides.

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