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Going Low-Tox? Five Changes That Make the Biggest Difference

Going Low-Tox? Five Changes That Make the Biggest Difference

Posted by Emily Ings on
Despite common misconceptions, living a low-tox lifestyle isn’t as complex or inconvenient as it might seem. It doesn’t mean that you have to get rid of everything you love; it’s all about finding alternatives so that you’re not constantly sacrificing your health for products.

If you ask us, starting a low-tox journey is an empowering and enjoyable experience as you begin to accept what’s good for your body and say goodbye to anything that isn’t so great. We’re here to help you navigate low-tox living with five changes to your current lifestyle that make the biggest difference and get you on track to living toxin-free!

  1. Using Natural Skincare

Our skin is our largest organ and everything we use on it is absorbed into our bloodstream, so it only makes sense that skincare comes in as high on the priority list when shifting to non-toxic products. While layering on moisturizer seems like it would be great for our skin, it’s entirely dependent on the type of moisturizer you’re using - the wrong one can mean you’re exposing yourself to dozens of chemicals unnecessarily. 

Natural skincare is composed of simple ingredients that are derived from plants, providing the same benefits as generic skincare. In fact, they often provide even better results as natural ingredients are less likely to irritate your skin. 

Look for products that are plant-based and have minimal ingredients and only buy from brands that offer full transparency around the ingredients in their products.

  1. Clean Beauty Routine

Just like your skincare routine, creating a clean beauty kit is an easy way to start living a low-tox lifestyle. Think make-up and hair care. If you wear makeup or style your hair daily, avoiding products that contain chemicals, parabens, phthalates, or synthetic fragrances is much safer for your health. Depending on where you like to shop, most beauty stores have sections for clean and non-toxic beauty products since more consumers are interested in making the switch. 

  1. Low-Tox Cleaning Products

If you’ve been using harsh chemicals your entire life, it’s time to give your cleaning bin a low-tox makeover! Cleaning products are filled with toxins that are not only harmful to breathe in but contaminate surfaces where you sit, touch, or eat off of. 

We tend to associate strong chemical smells and suds with cleanliness, but in reality, we don’t need either of those things to get the job done. There are some fantastic low-tox brands who offer an entire range of green cleaning products that are effective, safe, and kind to the environment. Or if you’re keen to go one further, there’s a stack of ‘recipes’ online for making your own cleaning products - and most only require a few ingredients you probably have in your pantry already.

  1. Ditch Synthetic Fragrances

When it comes to synthetic fragrances, avoid them at all costs. The biggest culprits that you most likely use everyday? Your perfume and your deodorant. Making the switch to an all-natural perfume and deodorant is pretty simple but comes with massive reward. You can literally avoid a plethora of synthetic ingredients by finding a natural deodorant that works for you, and discovering a brand new natural perfume that still makes you feel fabulous.

But it doesn't end there. Fragrances can actually be found in everything from hair products to laundry detergent; which makes it seem impossible to avoid. It’s only natural to use your sense of smell when making purchasing decisions, but make sure you know the difference between synthetic and natural fragrance. Products infused with essential oils are good for your body and smell just as delicious, whereas synthetic fragrances can lead to possible health issues and just aren't worth the risk.

The easiest way to begin your low-tox journey is to start checking labels and doing research on all new products you purchase. Almost everything you need to know will be on that label, and if you’re still not sure - then ask!

  1. Avoid Plastics

As you’ll notice, a low-tox lifestyle focuses on what’s better for your health while simultaneously keeping the planet in mind. Avoiding plastic is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, and at the same time, steering clear of exposing your body to certain chemicals that have been found in plastic food wrapping and beverage bottles.

Glass containers are ideal for storing food, and there’s so many versatile options for reusable water bottles and coffee cups (ceramic, glass, metal) that avoiding plastics is way more convenient than you think. Protect the environment and dodge needless chemicals - it’s a win/win!

The best part about living a conscious lifestyle is that there are so many BETTER alternatives to things that you’ve previously loved. Once you put your wellness first, you’ll open the door to an entirely new side of every industry, with products that are designed to keep you healthy and the planet free from harm.

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