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New Year's Resolutions: How To Create and Stick To Your Wellness Goals

New Year's Resolutions: How To Create and Stick To Your Wellness Goals

Posted by Emily Ings on
Now that we’ve reached a new year, it’s about that time where everyone hits the refresh button on their wellness goals. And after a year like 2020, we could all use a fresh start! Resolutions often begin to feel impossible within weeks of being set, but with the right guidance and a strategic game plan, you really can make your 2021 goals could come to fruition.

If you know someone who doesn’t see the point in resolutions, or maybe you feel that way yourself, it’s probably because you weren’t creating the right goals or commitment plan. Here’s how to set yourself up for success in 2021 with realistic goal setting and a road map to achieving each one!


Creating Your Wellness Goals


  1. Be More Specific

If you’ve had trouble reaching your goals in the past, it might be time to get more specific. Instead of creating a broad goal like “workout more,” think of how you can turn that into a target you’ll hit. What workouts will you be doing? How many times per week? Where will you workout? These are questions that you can ask yourself so that you can begin creating your own game plan.


  1. Measurable Goals

When it comes to wellness, there are several ways that you can measure your progress throughout the year. If your goal is in the realm of mental health, you could measure your progress through journal entries, time spent bettering yourself, or even tracking a weekly self-care routine. Studies show that measurable goals can keep you motivated to complete the task, pushing you to not give up halfway through!


  1. Aim High, But Go Slow

It’s important to aim for high goals, but remember that it’s a slow process. When you aim high, it’s easy to feel pressured into achieving everything you want in the shortest amount of time. However, you want to avoid feeling like you failed, since that’s the point where most people give up on their resolutions. 

Instead, think of your goals as a slow journey. If you get off track, you didn’t fail and have to start over. You just have to continue the next chance you get. It’s simple; your wellness goals are lifelong, not short-term. 

Committing To Your Wellness Goals


  1. Stop Expecting, Start Working

It’s time to turn inwards and be sure that you’re working for yourself, not against yourself. Once you have your resolutions written down, it doesn’t stop there; it’s time to start working! As the year goes on, it becomes easier and easier to find excuses as to why you haven’t reached the goals you set for yourself. Make this year different; stop expecting anything to happen without your full effort. Put in the necessary time because there’s nothing you can’t reach.


  1. Celebrate Every Small Win

To combat the feeling of defeat, celebrate every small win. No matter how small of a win it is, make an effort to be proud of yourself. It’s not just about making yourself feel better, but celebrating small victories can actually help you keep a positive attitude towards your wellness journey. When you feel like a winner, you’re more likely to continue making progress, ultimately bettering yourself each and every day.


  1. Be Kind To Yourself

If you remember one thing, make sure that it’s to be kind to yourself this year. Creating goals to reach is an act of self-care, teaching yourself that you deserve more. But punishing yourself for not reaching those goals fast enough or, not reaching them at all, defeats the purpose. Treat yourself with kindness, compassion, and understanding, just as you would with your loved ones!

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