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Spring Clean Your Beauty in 3 Easy Steps

Spring Clean Your Beauty in 3 Easy Steps

Posted by Emily Ings on

Spring is well and truly here and it’s the ideal time to SPRING clean your beauty bag and bathroom – or more clearly, the products you use on your skin each day. Ready? Follow these three easy steps to get it done!

To get started, pull out all your beauty and self-care products and put them in a big pile (yep, that includes the ones at the very back of the bathroom cupboard) This lets you see exactly what you own and any doubles you may have. Yikes, way more than you expected? Alright, now let’s get spring cleaning!

  • Firstly, discard any products that have expired and then separate any items that you know you just won’t use (offer these to family or friends instead of just throwing them out).
  • Clean the surfaces where you keep your products, including your make-up bag and make-up brushes. Begin popping items back, making sure you put the products that need to be used up first at the very front.
  • Now that you know what you have and how much, you can begin looking for healthier, no-tox alternatives to transition to once you have finished what you are currently using. We find if we’ve got a greener solution just waiting to be opened, it’s super easy to make the switch.

Our favourite low-tox body-care and beauty alternatives:

Our Deodorant Balms. Deodorant is something you'll most likely use every day of your long life, and with the questionable ingredients in conventional anti-antiperspirants, we are big advocates of making the switch to a natural deo. Our Kynd Scent Deodorant Balms are free from aluminium, parabens, synthetic fragrances, and are of course 100% natural and effective.

Our Sunny Days Cleansing Oil. While many conventional cleansers are loaded with ingredients that strip oil and moisture from the skin leaving it feeling tight and dry, our Sunny Days Cleansing Oil removes make-up and dirt, and soothes your skin leaving it feeling super soft and balanced.

A face oil! Face Oils are the ultimate vitamin boost for tired and dry skin. You can use alone or simply mix a couple of drops into your moisturizer to really boost your skin’s health and appearance. Choose the Superfruits for mature or dry skin, or go for the Raspberry Remedy for something equally powerful but a little lighter.

And just like that, you’re DONE, and if you’re anything like us, you’ll feel incredibly organised and healthier after that quick and easy spring clean!

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