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The Power of Essential Oils

The Power of Essential Oils

Posted by Emily Ings on
It seems as though ‘essential oils’ are everywhere right now. Their popularity has increased tenfold over the past couple of years and there’s a good reason for that; they’re a natural solution to many problems we’ve been using chemical-laden products to address in recent times. People are becoming more aware of what is in their personal care and cosmetic products and are beginning to ask questions. Unfortunately for us, big companies making huge profits aren’t obliged by law to answer those questions or to disclose exactly what ingredients are in their products.

The perfume industry is big business and many companies take shortcuts to create fragrances that are big and robust that will stick to the skin easily using chemical processes that allow them to make big quantities cheaply. They may be increasing their own profits but they’re also increasing the negatives effects to our health.

Natural, essential oil perfumes are the perfect alternative to synthetic, conventional fragrances. Perfumes made from 100% natural ingredients honour mother nature and the power of pure, raw botanicals. Essential oils can trigger emotional, mental and physical responses within the body and have been used for centuries to do so. From the calming and relaxing benefits of lavender, to the uplifting a cleansing benefits of lemon, the powers of the vast variety of essential oils seems limitless.  

Within our four fragrances we have chosen to hero different ingredients in order to benefit from their aromatherapeutic properties. Read on to discover how our fragrances have been designed to delight your senses and transform your mood.


Botanical Beauty – Green mandarin & Bergamot

Both belonging to the citrus family, green mandarin and bergamot are powerful essential oils with many declared benefits including power to improve digestion, support the immune system and ease anxiety and irritability. Both ingredients have been used in this zesty, fresh and floral perfume to enhance your mood and evoke a sense of positivity; perfect for helping you begin each day with confidence and optimism.

Wild Flower – Jasmine  

Jasmine has been a popular ingredient for centuries, revered for its sweet, romantic smell. It is renowned for its antiseptic properties and ability to relieve depression. We wanted this fragrance to be entirely feminine and sing of florals, evoking joyfulness and creative vibes! The jasmine in this perfume gives it a sense of class and timelessness, designed to make you feel inspired, classic and womanly.

Violet Kiss – Vanilla & Vetiver

This combination is divine! Vetiver has a rich and exotic aroma and has long been used to calm and soothe. It’s beautiful grounding benefits match perfectly with the vanilla that has long been toted for its relaxing and aphrodisiac-like qualities. This scent was created to leave you feeling sensual, balanced and connected.

Cool Earth – Cedarwood & Spearmint

For generations, cedarwood has been celebrated for its nutty, sweet and grounding aroma as well as its ability to evoke feelings of mediative tranquillity. Combined with the refreshing and cleansing properties of spearmint, the two ingredients unite to invigorate and elevate the senses making it the perfect fragrance for feeling both energized and focused.


Essential oils have an impressive history and we’re glad to see them back in a big way. We’re proud to shine a spotlight on the power of these beautiful botanicals and their wonderful benefits and hope you get as much joy and inspiration from them as we do.


Written by Emily Ings, Co-Founder of KYND Scent

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