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What Your Skin Needs During the Colder Months

What Your Skin Needs During the Colder Months

Posted by Emily Ings on
Is your skin craving a little extra nourishment and moisture right now? Oils help to protect the skin from the cold, windy weather as well as the effects of indoor heating - which can wreak havoc on our skin during the cooler months!

Autumn is the perfect time to explore adding a great quality face or body oil to your beauty regime, as well as switching to an oil-based perfume.

Below are our top tips to nurture your skin during the cooler months...

  • Skip the harsh cleansers and switch to an oil cleanser instead. Regular cleansers can strip natural oils from your skin leaving it feeling tight and dry. An oil cleanser will clean the skin of dirt and makeup and also leave it soft and smooth. Try our Sunny Days Cleansing Oil for the ultimate cleansing oil that will have your skin feeling incredible.
  • Upgrade your beauty regime with a face oil! A premium face will lock in moisture and add a giant boost of vitamins and nutrients to the skin, helping to soothe and nourish. For an all-round face oil that's perfect for every skin type, try our Raspberry Remedy Face Oil. If you're needing something for mature or very dry skin, then Superfruits is your go-to. If you are simplifying your beauty routine, then you can just use your face oil after cleansing with an oil cleanser. Otherwise, incorporate a face oil into your usual routine as a 'last-step' to seal and lock in any products you have already applied.
  • Discover the magic of body oils! Best used on skin that is still a little damp, they're like a big, nourishing drink for your skin. Our pick for the colder weather is the Mama Luxe Body Oil, it's ingredients are ultra-rich yet is still soaks into the skin amazingly so it can be applied straight after you have a shower and before you get dressed.
  • If you've been thinking of switching to a natural perfume - now is the time. Conventional fragrances can dry out the skin. An oil perfume is super gentle and smells just as good (or better if you ask us!) Don't let your skin become irritated during the cooler months, discover the beauty of oil perfumes and we guarantee you'll love making the change to no-tox, natural perfumes.

Ready to add a little extra nourishment to your skin over the next few months?

Explore our range and give your skin the nourishment it deserves through premium, natural oils.

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